Mind Reading Technology: No Longer So Futuristic

Source: roadtovr.com

In the CNBC article, “Mind-reading technology lets you control tech with your brain — and it actually works” by Julia Boorstin, Boorstin discusses the recent developments in mind-controlled technologies, ranging from video games to TV, to prosthetics. This category of companies is known as “Brain-Computer Interface”. These products use sensors attached to the scalp to interpret brain signals into specific actions.

One of the major players in this industry is Next Mind. The CEO, Sid Kouider explains “Your vision is in your brain, and we analyze your vision in your brain and we can know what you want to act upon and then we can modify that to basically create a command.” The author of the article sampled the technology herself and was able to use the sensors to select specific keys on a TV, functionally replacing a TV remote. She could also manipulate the settings such as channel and volume. While this may sound like science fiction, the industry is projected to make over $1.5 billion this year alone. This technology has wide-reaching applications, from entertainment to medicine and prosthetics. Another company, BrainCo, has been masterminding a wearable prosthetic which will retail for $10,000-$15,000, almost half of the current prosthetics on the market. What makes this even more revolutionary, the system operates on muscle signals, which can be learned over time to increase functionality and dexterity.

While much of this technology is not yet available to consumers, companies like Next Mind are offering developer kits in hopes that others companies will be inspired to create extensions and applications to better the technology.

Article Link: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/10/ces-2020-mind-reading-technology-lets-you-control-gadgets-and-games.html


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