Advertising Online Sports Betting

Advertising for online gambling has never been more popular, it seems that every platform from podcasts to television is promoting it but is all this promotion necessary and the better question safe?

Its never been easier to lose your money now a days with Identity theft and cyber security breaches but people seem to have found another way to lose their life savings in a flash with fast action online sports betting. If you haven’t heard sports betting became legal in Pennsylvania in summer 2019, and business is booming for the states casinos and online bookmakers like fanduel and mybookie. Adverts and show hosts boasting about having the best picks guaranteed to make you money coupled with promotions offering you up to $500 dollars of free gambling credit aim to create action in the public. All this promotion is creating more degenerate gamblers.

People seeking help for gambling addiction has more than doubled since 2018 when online gambling became legal in New Jersey. Last year The Council for Compulsive Gambling of New jersey spent roughly a third of their 2 million dollar annual budget on ads to promote their online gambling hotline, which seems to be a step in the right direction. However when compared to the amount of money spent advertising online gambling that number is laughable. According to a typical gambling operator spends roughly 24 percent of their total revenue on advertisements, for New Jersey alone 24 percent of their total revenue is hovering around 80 million dollars.  The adverts seem to only promote gambling with a small aside at the end to mention to gamble responsibly. The future for the house seems bright.



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