Disney Plus Could Hit 60-90 Million Users Sooner Than Anticipated

According to Variety, Disney may hit their subscriber projections for their new streaming service much sooner then initially expected. The report comes after the recent November launch of Disney Plus that saw ten million subscribers join within a day of the services launch; shattering industry analyst expectations. Disney Plus is essentially Disney’s answer to services such as Netflix and Hulu that similarly offer video content that can be accessed for a monthly subscription fee. Disney recently threw it’s hat in the ring by launching their new service which will serve as the exclusive home for the companies original content as well as for the enormous catalog of films and television shows Disney has created in the past.

Despite the troubled launch that saw users unable to access the service, Disney Plus has proven it’s incredible appeal with it’s vast library of content and new original shows such as “The Mandalorian”. Initially expected to accrue around eight million memberships in its first few weeks; Disney plus blew past that number on day one and shows no sign of slowing down. Some projections predict Disney will hit its goal of having sixty to ninety million subscribers by 2024, two years earlier then anticipated. Some analysts remain skeptical however of Disney’s run-away success because they say a vast majority of the ten million initial subscribers could simply be users utilizing the free trial period offered by the company. Another factor that could play into the huge success of Disney Plus is Verizon offering to give some users a free year of the service to enjoy. Regardless of the initial hype around the new streaming platform, it remains to be seen if Disney can maintain the high interest in it’s newest financial endeavor.


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