Americans Trust Amazon & Google More Than Their Government

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 10.14.11 AM

It is no secret that our nation has dealt with a great deal of mistrust and uncertainty in recent years in virtually all aspects of life. Widespread reports of “fake news” and other misconduct have left citizens to wonder, “who can we trust?” 

A recent national survey conducted by the Morning Consult revealed that more Americans trust American companies than the U.S government and institutions. The survey asked subjects to rate their trust in over 20 different brands, institutions, and public figures and their ability to “do the right thing.” Subjects could respond one of five ways, including “a lot,” “some,” “not much,” “not at all,” or “I don’t know.” Among the most trusted companies were Amazon and Google, which were ranked third and fourth by those surveyed. Both were ranked higher in overall trust than teachers, law enforcement, Donald Trump, and the U.S Government. Ultimately, primary doctors and the military were among the top two most trusted by those surveyed. Still, 39% of subjects expressed trust in Amazon, and 38% placed confidence in Google. These ratings are exceptionally higher than the 26% trust in scientific studies and 23% trust in health warnings and advisories among subjects. 

This data suggests some intriguing insight into the opinions of Americans presently. More than two-thirds of the subjects surveyed stated that they have become increasingly less trusting of public entities and figures in recent years. Alongside, nearly three in four Americans placed their confidence in major companies and brands to deliver a consistent and dependable product or service. This dependability has created a virtually unbreakable loyalty among consumers, one that appears to be stronger than that of the dynamic between citizen and government. Although these findings may come as no surprise to many Americans, they only further emphasize the need for change within our country. If Americans cannot trust those appointed to protect and serve, how can the country continue to prosper? 


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