Netflix Will Potentially “Super Bundle” To Survive

There is a new report on streaming from Interpublic Groups Magna that assess Netflix and Quibi as being vulnerable in this accelerating streaming wars. With many big players going the industry, the report forecasts that media companies will create content super bundles to keep viewers. Streaming isn’t going anywhere, and all businesses small and large are going to continue to have to find innovative ways to stay afloat. In 2020, report estimates that streaming will make up 60% of all video viewing next year, and 70% by 2024. It is going to become the most dominate mode of video consumption for some audiences in 2020, eclipsing linear TV. Even powerhouses like Netflix will need to reevaluate because according to Nielsen data, Netflix’s most viewed offerings during the 2018-2019 season were Disney titles. Now that Disney has since taken back those tittles and added more of their own into their own streaming service that will really shake up the tables. Netflix will need to do more if they want to continue to be the top dog in streaming.


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