Hallmark Pulled in Two Directions


After an uproar over Hallmark’s same-sex couple commercial advertising the wedding registry and planning website Zola, Hallmark pulls the ad off the air. Now, they are reversing their position.

This past Sunday, Hallmark’s CEO Mike Perry publicly apologized for the companies’ retraction of a wedding planning and registry website commercial for Zola. The advertisement depicted the happy wedding of a same-sex female couple to advertisement the brand, which sparked outcry of one conservative group in particular: One Million Moms.

One Million Moms reached out to Crown Family Networks (parent company of Hallmark) CEO Bill Abbott claiming in protest that the advertisement was in poor taste, “distracting”, and pressured the company to pull the commercial off-air. Abbott responded to the group claiming the advertisement aired “in error” and would be pulled immediately.

After the decision to pull the ad was made public, this also prompted outrage from many, including Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, Ellen DeGeneres, and streaming company Netflix. It also sparked a skit from Saturday Night Live depicting a Hallmark dating show, poking fun at the channel for its homophobic actions.

As of current, Hallmark is working with Zola to renew their partnership and reinstate the advertisements on the channel.


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