Amazon Ring Receiving Backlash For Entering Partnerships with Police Forces

Ring, an Amazon’s home surveillance company, has received a lot of backlash for how the company has partnered with over two hundred law enforcement agencies. As a result, Police officers who have partnered with Ring’s Law Enforcement Neighborhood Portal, have access to an interactive map that allows police to request camera footage directly from residents without obtaining a warrant.

Ring, has helped police bundle theft sting operations and assisted police on get their hands on footage without a warrant. Individuals who testify against their neighbors are also gifted free cameras in return. People are fighting and mobilizing against Ring partnerships with Police.

A digital-rights activist group Fight for Our Future, is helping by getting people to demand local governments and police departments to stop making partnerships with Ring. In addition to new regulations, and a congressional investigation into the company, over 30 civil rights groups have signed an open letter to demand an end to Ring’s partnering with law enforcement officials.


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