New CASE Act Makes Fighting Copyright Theft Easier on the Wallet

As of October 22nd, 2019, the CASE (Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement) Act officially passed 410-6 in the House of Representatives. If passed by the Senate, this act will ease the financial burden of enforcing ones rights in terms of copyright theft.

Traditionally, when faced with copyright theft and infringement issues, the process involves hiring an attorney and fronting high legal expenses. This process seems unfair, especially if you were the victim of copyright theft in the first place, and often discourages people from fighting for rights they are entitled to. In many cases, the financial burden that comes along with fighting copyright infringement is far too high for the average creative or everyday person. Ideally, the CASE Act would provide a financially practical way to enforce ones rights without having to hire an expensive attorney, especially for independent creators.

According to The Recording Academy, this monumental act is an incredible victory for music creators specifically, following last years passing of the Music Modernization Act. Daryl Friedman, chief industry, government, & member relations officer for the Recording Academy claims that the CASE Act finally gives music makers access to the copyright protection they deserve.

If the CASE Act passes the Senate for final vote, a copyright claims board will be created within the U.S Copyright Office to rule on small claims infringement where damages will be capped at $15,000 per claim and $30,000 total.


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