Warner Bros. Announces a Keanu Reeves Double Header

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Warner Bros Sets Release Dates For ‘The Matrix’ Sequel, ‘The Flash’ & More; ‘Akira’ Off Schedule

Recently, Warner Bros. has set a variety of new releases to come out within the next couple of years. Highlighting the announcement is led by popular DC Universe films such as The Flash (2022) and Aquaman , but the article most notably highlights a good ole fashion box office weekend duel between a pair of surefire Keanu Reeves blockbusters.

On May 21st, 2021, Warner Bros. will be releasing both The Matrix 4 and John Wick with pure Keanu vision. The decision is interesting considering the height of each film’s release. The last Matrix film to hit theaters dates back all the way to 2003 and that comes along with bad baggage and a poor reception from both audiences and critics. Over the years, not many moviegoers have been saying, “when’s the next Matrix film going to come out?” While some die hard fans may be excited, it isn’t necessarily the most popular IP to attract viewers to the theater today given the hype around the MCU and Disney as of late.

However, Keanu Reeves has surprisingly grown an odd fascination to him from fans as the John Wick films have seemed to gradually amused audiences. The third installment nearly made more in one weekend than the second film did in its entire run in theaters and also more than 50% in the world wide box office.

There is one thing that is for sure, Warner Bros. won’t have to worry about filling in people in the theaters on May 21st. However, the financial success of the film’s individually is certainly in jeopardy. The way I see it, John Wick will win the weekend as Matrix 4 will not make as much as they’d hope. The best thing for Warner Bros. to do is simply push back Matrix 4 to a late summer release. This makes audiences excited for another Keanu film later in the season, having another weekend for himself and riding high on the hype of John Wick 4. 


One thought on “Warner Bros. Announces a Keanu Reeves Double Header

  1. I agree, one or the other should be pushed back to a later date. I feel like we’re being a little oversaturated with Keanu material (not that I, or many people mind), but continuous content featuring him may have an adverse effect towards what Warner Bros. intends. Based off personal experience, I know after my friends and I saw Ryan Reynolds all over the place, we got kind of over him.


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