How to win the attention wars by Converging Creative and Media

Image result for creative and mediaNowadays, consumer attention is very important to the media landscape. The most successful companies get their creative, media, technology and data teams to work together to create a seamless user experience with no inconsistencies. This increases the likelihood consumers that something will catch and keep a consumer’s attention.

The article basically explains what influences consumers’ buying decisions. The writer brings up several important points. No one has ever bought as sweater because the ad they saw it in enticed them to do so. An ad isn’t directly going to make a human want to purchase something, there’s a lot more behind it. The way a brand makes the potential buyer/consumer feel is the main factor that drives people to purchase. This is an important fact for marketers and businesses. Companies should be focusing on how their brand makes potential and current feel. For this reason, figuring out your target market as a business is important so you can provide a tailored experience for consumer’s.

The author of the articles says that individuals in the industry often forget how important adding creative aspects is in guaranteeing the effectiveness of media. He says that brands should be looking for ways to create personal, meaningful connections with their current and potential customers. Delta Airlines, for example, used to have a customer service phone line that would frequently have long wait times. Delta turned this experience into a positive one by integrating a chatbot that texts you when an agent becomes available. The alerts also let travelers on their journey know where the nearest airport lounge is and notifies them if there are any changes to their flight. experience uses technology to understand who and where the customer is and then seamlessly serve the right message at the right time. This made customers feel like they were being heard and it resonated with how they feel.



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