The Spotify Music Awards??



In recent news, Spotify has announced that it will be launching their own music awards. The first Spotify Awards will be held in March 2020 in Mexico City. Spotify has teamed up with Warner Media to broadcast the award show live in all Spanish-language countries. Spotify states that Mexico City is their largest market with more listeners than other major markets including New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Paris.

The award show will be entirely based on user-generated data, like the majority of their other features. According to Spotify, “Your plays, patterns, and habits will help determine the award categories, finalists, and winners for the Spotify Awards by providing a true reflection of what fans are listening to. You can get excited for an awards ceremony that actually speaks to what the people are streaming”. Spotify hopes that by making the awards show based on data, users will be encouraged to stream as much music as possible from their favorite artists.

The company is modeling their awards show off of the Billboard Music Awards where most finalists and winners are based on three criteria; sales, streaming, and user-engagement data. In 2019, Spotify’s active monthly users grew by 30% and paid subscriber growth grew by 31%. With the amount of users and data that Spotify is able to collect on a yearly basis, it is no wonder that Spotify is creating an awards show that is entirely based off of their user’s listening habits and engagement.

Spotify Is Launching Its Own Music Awards, Based on Streaming Data


One thought on “The Spotify Music Awards??

  1. I don’t use Spotify, but I was always interested in how they share data based on a user’s amount of plays and minutes dedicated towards one artists. This is certainly an interesting direction Spotify is taking to release said data that showcases the year in musics most popular artists. I think it shows how much they rely on and benefit from a user’s engagement towards the platform. This is an enlightening way to perceive who’s listening to what the most.


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