Companies That Turned 10 Years Old

Sometimes I think we forget how much has changed in past 10 years and we take the certain things for granted so when I came across an article called 30 Companies Worth At Least $1 Billion That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago, I knew it was the perfect article to dive into for more information. The four companies that we are constantly using that didn’t exist 10 years ago that stuck out to me are: DoorDash, WeWork, Instacart, and Lyft.

DoorDash is a food delivery service that is valued $13 billion and as the company is continuing to grow, they plan to launch new products and expand the service of the app. WeWork is the workspace that employers never thought they needed until a few years ago and it was called revolutionary because it was a business model that we had never been introduced to in the past. Instacart is your own personal grocery shopper that deliveries the food directly to your door through using an app. Lastly, Lyft which is one of the new forms of taxis has been valued at $29 billion and its one of the things in our lives that we never knew we needed until we got it.

“The tech landscape looks completely different today than it did at the beginning of the decade.” – Meira Gebel, Business Insider

For me to even think that some individuals that are in lives, have never seen life without these perks is crazy. These companies in particular have become a part of our everyday life and a lot of us couldn’t imagine life without them anymore.


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