Should High-Quality Film Production Be Used for TV Series?

It’s assumed that people have a preference for shows with high production values as they are attracted to displays of cinematographic sophistication.

A tv show the appears as such would be upcoming “The Mandalorian” tv series. Where visually-detailed and vivid scenes that the content as whole appears to be more similar to that of a movie than a television series.

Creators would have to invest a large amount in order to achieve this level of quality for a Tv series. According to THR, “The Mandalorian,” is priced at $15 million an episode.

That’s just $5 million less than what it costs to make an episode of Game Of Thrones.

Top-tier producers are starting to enter huge deals with both streamers & regular tv studios and are offered near limitless budgets for production. The article also hypothesizes that this will create a higher demand for more high quality produced show.

The washing post article feature also mentions that high-budget shows like “The Mandalorian” has the potential to do what directors like Scorsese and other older directors fear may happen due to changes in technology, and potentially steer consumers away from movie theaters.


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