National TV Ad Spending Skyrockets As New Streaming Services Release


Image Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew

Today is a significant day in media history as the brand new streaming service Disney + dropped at midnight. Apple TV’s streaming service also was made available to consumers within the past couple of weeks leaving many researchers asking questions on what the future of streaming will hold as some of the top media organizations in the world now operate fully functional media streaming services.

One of the biggest outcomes we have been seeing from these new platforms being released is a massive jump in television advertisements by organizations like Walt Disney preparing for their products release. Disney Plus in specific over the last two months has spent around $24.9 million dollars on TV advertisements with 21 different creative pieces that aired a total of 2,516 times.

This kind of aggressive marketing by the Walt Disney organization comes with hopes that Disney + will catch fire with its loved and box office breaking film/television selections including popular production companies they own such as Marvel Studios, Pixar, and National Geographic. Apple TV in contrast has made an even bigger mark in television ad spending over the past couple of months, leading the industry with an astonishing $47.7 million dollars spent and over 3,176 total airings.

Both Disney + and Apple TV commercials have been appearing during similar program slots that contain a high quantity of ratings such as NFL Football, MLB World Series, The 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, and The Walking Dead.

Although brand new releases, Disney + and Apple TV are not the only streaming platforms that have caused the dramatic spike in TV ad spending recently. Other platforms well established in the industry such as Amazon Prime Video ($36.6 million total spending) and Hulu ($28.2 million total spending) have also been marketing themselves aggressively since September. Many believe this comes in response to these companies trying to compete with Disney + and Apple TV’s new platforms and try to remain the top subscription platforms in media.

I am personally very curious to see how the introduction of new streaming platforms will change how/who consumers will subscribe to. Clearly after industry leaders like Netflix and Hulu have made millions of dollars off of media streaming, other major players want a piece of the pie. Over the past couple of years platforms like Netflix offered content from many different media production companies including Disney. Thus, as these giant contracts begin to expire in the next coming years, it is anticipated that the companies like Walt Disney will make their productions exclusive and only capable of being accessed through a subscription to Disney +. Clearly the impact of streaming video and audio has changed the media world entirely and will continue to grow well into the future.





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