Temple University Partners With Head-space App To Provide Better Mental Health To Student-Athletes, But Is This Partnership Really Worth Praising?

On Sept. 23, Temple Athletics Department announced a new partnership with Headspace, a popular self-guided meditation app, that will provide more than 500 student-athletes free accessibility to the app. The app subscription typically costs $12.99 a month but offers a $9.99 annual student discount rate.

HeadSpace has more than 50 million users in 190 countries, and can reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, fatigue, sadness and irritability, as well as increase concentration, endurance, wellbeing and better decision-making.

However, there are a handful of students who feel as though Temple’s partnership with head space is inconsiderate to vast majority students who struggle with mental health issues on Temple’s campus, where many of them are unable to book an appointment, or find it difficult to book an appointment at Tuttleman’s counseling services.

Of course, athletics is a time-consuming activity, and it’s understandable how this can be straining to one’s mental health. However, many students in general don’t have the time to seek out mental services due to school and work obligations, and so having app like Headspace made free to them would be extremely immensely.

Temple responded to the aforementioned tweets to say that students can actually use the app for free in a certain location on campus.

Even so, I understand why other students quite irritated by the special treatment they believe athletes are receiving and this is why I think it’s good that students are taking to Twitter to voice their concerns on the matter. However, there are many platforms that can teach students how to better meditate if they are seriously interested that is similar to the content Headspace provides to it’s users.




One thought on “Temple University Partners With Head-space App To Provide Better Mental Health To Student-Athletes, But Is This Partnership Really Worth Praising?

  1. I’m glad someone wrote about this because mental health at temple is a major issue. Temple allocates money in weird and ineffective ways and I’m not sure this app will solve all the issues Temple has with mental health services, but for those who just need someone to talk to it could be helpful.


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