Nike Wins Emmy for “Dream Crazy” Campaign starring Colin Kaepernick

H/O: Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad screengrab

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In September of last year, Nike released an advert titled “Dream Crazy.” The ad featured famous athletes like the former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. His catch phrase in the clip, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. Just Do It.” was obviously in reference to his own protesting the national anthem by taking a knee which eventually resulted in him leaving the San Francisco 49ers in 2017.

This campaign was ultimately deemed a success. However, it didn’t get by without its fair share of backlash. Donald Trump, among other ridiculed Nike for spreading such a “terrible message” that “shouldn’t be sent.” Videos on Twitter and Instagram showed people burning their Nike products and swearing to never give them their business again.

However, these critics can say what they want because the ad won an award for outstanding commercial at the Creative Arts Emmys.

I think this article ties in the progressive way media can be used to inspire change and spread messages. But, also the fact that critics were so enraged shows that not all the emotions being evoked are positive. Nike and Kaepernick received horrible backlash for the campaign but ultimately continued to push their vision. I’d say it paid off.


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