Netflix Allows Viewers To Skip Over Trump Jokes In Seth Meyer’s Comedy Special: “Lobby Baby”


Image Source: Netflix

We all know one of the tools Netflix has implicated within some of its programs is the ability for consumers to skip the introduction credits. While this ability is something we have seen the streaming platform use for a while, what if it is taken a step further?

Seth Meyer’s new Netflix comedy special “Lobby Baby” which will debut on the platform tonight has a new feature built in it which has raised a significant amount of attention. For the first time ever, similar to the skip button used at the beginning of introduction credits, users will now have the ability to skip over certain parts of Meyer’s special when viewing it.

This ability to skip content in the special will only be available when Meyer’s turns to content that Netflix deemed as jokes directed towards President Donald Trump. Meyer’s in specific is known for his rather dark and non-hold back kind of humor especially in his routines towards Trump.

Even more interestingly enough, this idea and proposal for Netflix to integrate the skip button when Trump jokes are taking place in the special was requested by Seth Meyers himself. Many analysts were surprised by this move from the comedian as the platforms are usually the lead drivers of user interactivity and the ability to alter content’s playback speed instead of the talent/creator requesting it.

In an interview with CNN, Meyer’s remarked that it simply “occurred to him that it would be fun to use Netflix’s technology for a novel effect.” In fact, he believes this bold move will only contribute to the comedy behind the special because viewers will understand that the actual idea of allowing people who are sick of political humor to opt out is something to laugh at within itself. It is almost as if he is requesting Netflix to put in the skip button during Trump content to make fun of the individuals who may actually use.

Thus, as the special becomes available tonight for the first time, many predict this feature will not be used by many, as most of Meyer’s audience who enjoy his content also find humor in his aggressive political jokes towards the president.

Although in this instance it seems like this kind of ability to skip over content that may offend political beliefs is being used as part of the act, I believe this is far from the last time we will see this kind of action taken by Netflix and other popular streaming services. With streaming video becoming the most popular form of media consumption and only expected to continue in growth, so is the backfire that will come with some of this material being released. Many individuals and groups now more then ever are calling for the restriction of certain offensive material that may have to do with factors such as religion, politics, race, gender, etc.

The idea of the skip button for credits may be used much more in the future release of content especially comedy specials that target these kinds of sensitive topics in modern society. I feel as though this will introduce a very back and forth debate within the media world about content creators and delivery companies having the right to go after these sensitive topics while some may view it as a line that must be drawn.



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