Roku stock jumps as company adds Apple TV app




Back in 2018 many tech minds considered Roku one of the biggest TV tech Platforms of our time. Though the streaming device has had a couple of rocky months it has managed to bounce back. Roku was one of the first TV Tech platforms to bring our online streaming services to our televisions.

What made the  Roku service convenient is that consumers only had to buy a device, in an era where subscription services were on the rise. Roku devices come in a variety of sizes, some devices look like a small cable box and others look like a flash drive. The Roku device price ranges from $30 to $100.00.

This week Roku released the news that it would be adding Apple TV + to it’s current streaming channels. This announcement caused Roku’s stock to rise 10%. News such as this build up the anticipation for the long-awaited streaming service. Though we know the release date and some of the new shows being streamed on the platform, there is still an element of mystery surrounding the streaming service. So far we have only heard of 7 shows that will be exclusive  to the platform, but we haven’t heard much about the other releases on the service. Apple TV + will be available on Roku and other streaming devices on November 12, 2019.



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