Netflix at 2 times speed?

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Netflix is the golden standard for streaming content. The relationships they have with their audiences and the actors and talent that works for them, there has never really been a divide. Fast forwarding may be that issue. Netflix has confirmed that they are starting to test out a feature that lets you play content at faster or slower speeds. This feature that has already existed on DVD players for years and more recently sites like Youtube, seems to be drawing a dividing line among creators and audiences. 

Audiences have recently started using the fast forward feature for content like podcasts and videos online but not the streaming giant Netflix. Media creators like Aaron Paul and Judd Apatow have been very direct in opposing adding fast forward controls. Giving those controls to the audience would allow them to alter how we see the content and how the directors and creators wanted us to see the content. Creators take a lot time to put together their work and take great pride in showing their work or story their way. Taking this away by giving controls that let you change the pace cold see many content creators that are Netflix staples move their content elsewhere.

Even with content creators calling for Netflix to scrap this idea, Netflix has confirmed that they are moving forward with testing on mobile devices. This trial period could be more than just testing out new software but also testing out those relationships that could go somewhere else if this feature reaches the global Netflix platform.



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