Roku stock jumps 10% as company adds Apple TV app

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The media company Roku is experiencing a rise in stocks after the release of an Apple TV application available on their streaming device. This speaks volumes to the influence Apple has as a media company as well, and how highly anticipated their Apple TV+ streaming service may be.

The streaming service will be available Nov. 1st, and at a lower subscription price than its competitors. Based on the jump in stock when Apple TV was added to Roku, it is obvious Apple and Apple TV are popular and valuable to the growth of companies that it converges with, showing the dominance Apple has in the media market.

Because of this, Roku will be experiencing a rising in popularity, as other media outlets predicted either way. Roku is an affordable and practical way to consume media via television, and to be able to access all of your subscription platforms. The device and its partners allow for convenient viewing via online streaming.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of Apple TV+ release, and the impact it has on other streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, and how it affects the purchasing of streaming devices like Roku. The release is right around the corner, so we will be able to see the market trends and result very soon.


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