Apple Requires Updates for Certain Devices

Image result for iphone 5 users

If you happen to still be an owner of an iPhone 5, iPhone 4 or specific generations of ipads, then Apple has most likely sent you a reminder to update your devices before November 3rd. The most recent update available for the products is 10.3.4 which will be updating a multitude of applications. By not updating your devices prior to November 3rd you will no longer have access to certain applications and in order to use the applications again, you will have to update your device by connecting to a computer. All newer models of the iPhone and iPad are unaffected by this circumstance. 

Some people may ask why only older generations are being targeted? Is Apple trying to provide an incentive to upgrade old devices by forcing users who are unfamiliar with updating to go to a store? Or maybe Apple is just trying to improve services for older iPhone users? Regardless of intent, many iPhone 5 users who do not see news of this mandatory update will be utterly confused when their devices no longer operate as they should. After November 3rd it is possible many Apple customers will be making a trip to local stores for assistance with updating. 



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