1.5x Viewing Speeds Takes Binge-Watching to New Levels

Netflix announces new feature for its mobile and tablet users only that would allow them to watch shows and movies in 1.5 speed. You can keep watching in normal speed, but also slow it down (0.5x or 0.75) or speed it up (1.25x or 1.5x). This was at first simply just speculation, Keela Robinson, Netflix’s VP seemed to confirm it in a blog post on Monday. But Netflix assures this is just another new feature that they are testing which is something they are always doing, but this mobile feature won’t been seen any time soon as they wait to make decisions based on feedback. I personally don’t know how many users would take advantage of this new addition as I think many people are fine watching shows and movies in their normal speed, but I could be wrong.

This isn’t the only new feature that Netflix has in its back pocket ready for testing. They are working on new playback controls that would allow the brightness to be adjusted without having to manually go to the phone settings. Robinson also said they corrected the audio pitch at slower and faster speeds.

Big names in Hollywood, like director Judd Apatow, have already spoken out against the possible additions to the streaming platform. He claimed, “Distributors don’t get to change the way content is presented.” Director Peyton Reed tweeted that he and every director would fight against this ‘terrible’ idea. It will be interesting to see how Netflix reacts to this initial feedback some from some major Hollywood content creators.

Article: https://www.cnet.com/news/netflix-responds-to-frenzy-surrounding-1-5x-viewing-speed-test/


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