Shonda Rhimes Moves to Digital

Shonda Rhimes, the producer known for her ABC dramas series Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder stepped into the streaming world back in 2017 when she signed a deal with Netflix to produce a minimum of eight new shows. Her latest step was into the world of podcast, her production company, Shondaland, and iHeart Radio recently announced their new partnership. Within the new deal, Shonda Rhimes will produce more than a dozen new podcasts through her talented ways of storytelling that has gained her a tremendous follow of viewers and listeners. Shonda Rhimes’s division of the iHeart Podcast Network will be called Shondaland Audio. Shonda Rhimes has had a taste of the podcast life in the past with her podcast called Katie’s Crib which discusses motherhood and that show will now be apart of the iHeart Podcast Division with her future podcasts.

“Just beginning our digital journey” – Shonda Rhimes

This move to podcasts and deal with iHeart seems like the right move for Shonda Rhimes; iHeart Radio has been ranked #2 on the podcast measurement firm Podtrac with 268 shows downloaded 147 million times. With Shonda’s storytelling talent, it seems that she will be able to grab the attention of listeners and viewers on this platform. The president of iHeart Podcast Network, Conan Byrne, believes that Shondaland Audio will attract “an engage, smart female audience” and established major brands will want to advertise on her podcast for the best results.

iHeart can predict this audience because women tend to love to see women win and this is no different.


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