Roku Is Growing

As of Tuesday, October 15, 2019, Roku has jumped 10% since announcing to the public that the Apple TV is now going to be available on their service. Roku is a streaming service that comes with equipment that is similar to the Apple and Amazon. Some are asking the question, how does the Apple app work on the Roku platform? Roku and Apple have made the arrangements for Roku users to access the Apple TV app by logging in with their Apple ID and passwords and once Apple TV+ launches, Roku users will also be able to subscribe to that as well.

Apple’s stock hasn’t changed much, and they aren’t the only one excited about this new deal. Roku’s general manager, Scott Rosenberg says “With the Apple TV app coming to Roku, our customers will enjoy an even broader range of exciting entertainment, including the highly anticipated Apple TV+ service”. This new deal is something that Roku enjoy and experience by having a vary of entertainment choices on their devices.

This deal is great accomplishment for Roku especially because they are a platform that is constantly competing with Apple and Amazon. It’s honestly a win-win for both Roku and Apple, because Roku gets to satisfy their customers and Apple gets more consumers to experience their products.


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