Kevin Feige Named Chief Creative Officer of Marvel

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A reign of supreme control over one property is fairly rare in today’s media environment, unless your name is Kevin Feige. Feige’s upward movement through the ranks of Marvel Studio’s Entertainment division is unprecedented, yet undeniably deserving.

The President of Marvel Studios has now added Marvel Chief Creative Officer to his title, overseeing all creative decisions aligned to Marvel’s storytelling and content creation platforms. This includes the heavily imbalanced Marvel TV division as well as the animation generator Marvel Family Entertainment.

It’s been a busy year for Marvel and the Walt Disney Co. and nothing has come without a myriad of headlines. After a plethora of box office success with record-breaking hits such as Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man: Far From Home, Feige has been credited as a leader in innovation and strategy when producing his films. His recent success has even led him to lay the foundation of producing a new Star Wars picture. Though after the resurgence and recovery of the immediate fallout between Disney and Sony over the Spider-Man rights, it seems as if Feige’s influence and formula success was too difficult for either side to overlook. Feige controls the game, and I don’t think anyone is complaining.

Feige’s prowess and progressive stature is something that I have never witnessed within one media company. He produces results–most of which accumulate billions of dollars–and has consistently developed, well received, quality content for a staggering ten year stretch. All of which are unheard of and some would say could never be done under one property. Yet Fiege’s success as a producer has more than likely given Disney the growth and revenue needed to become such a progressive powerhouse themselves, attributing to their acquisition of Fox and launching their own streaming service. Most of the popular properties that Disney+ is advertising are under Feige’s creative control and connected to his established universe such as the announced Loki, Hawkeye, and Wanda Vision Marvel series.

Feige’s track record is impressive and Disney relies on him to continue to develop stellar content across its spectrum of entertainment properties. In order for Disney and Marvel to creatively innovate themselves, Feige needs to have full oversight. The decision was simple and gives Disney and Marvel a greater opportunity to explore new directions and creative capacities now that Feige is in full command.


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