Blizzard silences Pro-Hong Kong player.



Perhaps one of the fastest growing media markets in the global community is the Chinese market. Everyone from movie producers to videogame streamers have been attempting to grab a share of this market. However, in order to have access to this revenue stream these companies must comply with the authoritarian Chinese government and the most recent case of this is in connection to game publisher Blizzard. In a recent interview during their tournament for the popular online game Hearthstone, e-sports player Ng Wai Chung, better known in the community as Blitzchung, expressed his support for the ongoing protests in Hong Kong that seek to resist the growing power the Chinese government has on the city. In response Blizzard banned Blitzchung from competitive play for up to one year and refused to deliver the prize money he would have received for competing in the tournament. Word quickly spread of Blizzards actions, sparking consumer outrage. Many Consumers began calling for a boycott of Blizzards products, and memes and image lampooning the company spread throughout the internet like Wildfire. In addition, several streamers of Blizzards twitch channel followed in Chung’s example, knowing that they would be removed in a similar manner to the e-sports player. I understand the outrage at Blizzard and fully support Chung and the streamers action.  By attempting to cater to China and its market Blizzard has irrevocably damaged both their reputation and their profit margins domestically. This only fitting, as it is dangerous and immoral for Blizzard or any company to allow itself to be compliant in the actions and wishes of a totalitarian regime in the name of monetary game.



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