VENN will Change Video Game Streaming


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ideo Games are one of the fastest growing media markets out there.  This has led to many additional industries forming, springing up from the groundwork from the groundwork of video games. Perhaps the most famous example of this is has been the massive success of video game streaming. Youtubers, Twitch streamers and E-sports competitors have collectively made millions in the past year with their content, and some in the sphere have been elevated to near celebrity status because of it. However, all this money is divided up, both in terms of platforms that stream video games and the content creators who play it. Enter the Video Games and News Network, or VENN. This network is set to launch in 2020, and will focus on producing video game centered content, ranging from documentaries to E-sports. The creators of VENN hope this network will serve two purposes, the first is to streamers the ability to produce higher quality content. The second is what every network want to do, to provide an outlet for advertisers.  As a consumer of YouTube let’s plays myself, I am quite interested to see where this product turns out.  I feel the world of video game streaming is largely ignored by many producers and advertisers, which is a shame given the vast potential it has in terms of audience reach. I’m also very interested in seeing how this competes not only with other streaming outlets, but also with traditional media, both new and old. I think the VENN is the right step towards making video game streaming appear as a more legitimate media outlet,  and there may come a time when sitting down to watch tow teams face of in a E-sport match in Overwatch will be viewed in the same light we view football games today.

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