Apple Music & Apple TV Plus being a bundle deal , but becomes a problem with record labels

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Like many other streaming service Apple TV plus is going to hop on the bandwagon by offering a bundle deal with their own, Apple Music. The other popular streaming service known for doing this is Spotify. Spotify  offers a similar bundle deal with Hulu. Students who have a subscription to Spotify are offered Hulu for only five dollars a month which is a great deal considering that regular subscriptions for both of these services are over ten dollars,

Apple TV Plus streaming’s service is said to be priced at only five dollars a month, not only is this less money than all of its competitors but the entire bundle will be offered at that same price. This price isn’t exclusive to students, it will apply to everyone with a subscription. This system would essentially give you more ‘bang for your buck’.

Though this sounds like a good deal one record label is having an issue with Apple offering its music services for such a low price. The problem is that the label feels this sort of shift would lower profit. Not only for them but for Apple as well.

Apple declined to comment on this complaint, however being that the company is worth one-trillion dollars, I don’t think money would be an issue. More importantly, both of the streaming services are owned by the same companies, unlike their competitors. Hopefully Apple TV Plus is able to last in the streaming market.


One thought on “Apple Music & Apple TV Plus being a bundle deal , but becomes a problem with record labels

  1. Record labels and the music industry have been under fire for their contracts that lock in musicians and can hurt an artist’s creative ability to make sure their new music will sell. It’s interesting that record labels might see a big issue with Spotify and Amazon Music making prices so low. Will the music industry and record labels have to change their ways?


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