Changes to Instagram’s “Following” Feature


If you happen to be a frequent user of the “Following” feature Instagram offers, then you are about to receive some unfortunate news. Instagram is currently in the process of removing this feature due to users not being aware that their likes and comments are being displayed for others to see. Now, instead of users being able to view what their followers are liking and commenting on, users can only view their own activity of liking and commenting. The “Following” feature has been a part of Instagram since 2011 and throughout the years has shown to cause many issues in relationships and even jobs. However, the company claims that the removal of the feature is mainly due to inactivity. Many users took to Twitter and other webpages to discuss whether or not this was the right move for Instagram. Some people agreeing it was a bit of an invasive feature that should have been removed a while ago.

I think the removal of the feature is probably for the better, although it could come in handy if you were trying to explore what your friends like. Personally,  I hardly ever engage with the feature, Instagram could definitely use a slight update as a whole. 



One thought on “Changes to Instagram’s “Following” Feature

  1. I feel that social media sties inadvertently create methods of stalking. I’m kind of glad to see that feature go because I don’t want to see what people like and retweet. I wonder if this idea will hit snapchat since their snapmap is terrifyingly accurate.


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