Alexa, Where Are My Glasses?



Amazon has announced a series of wearable internet of things products including glasses, headphones, and even a ring. The company also announced new speakers and other Alexa products. Amazon has been known to release more affordable virtual assistant products than their competitors, such as Apple, and they are trying to continue to be the leader in this category.

At first glance, it’s not hard to confuse the Echo Frames as some sort of attempt at making a successful version of the failed Google Glass. However, the Echo Frames are merely a way to access Alexa without having to use your hands. They feature only a microphone and speakers. If they become successful, it is possible that a camera version could be released, though the bulky look of the Frames make that hard to see happening. The starting price for them will be a steep $180.

Echo Buds are Amazon’s competitor to Airpods. They are handsfree earbuds that feature Alexa capability as well as a Bose sound cancelation feature. Echo Buds will sell for $130.

The Echo Loop is the most absurd product of them all. Amazon is taking an even larger leap with this Alexa enabled smart ring than they are taking with the Echo Frames. The Loop has basically the same capabilities as the frames, but with the added benefit of looking like a lunatic while speaking into your hand in public.

Amazon announced a new revamped Echo Speaker with significantly improved sound quality. Also announced was Echo Studio, a speaker focused on 3d audio; an echo dot with a clock; Echo Show 8, an echo device with a screen; Echo Glow, an echo lamp; an “Eero” wifi router; and two new Ring doorbell cameras.

Alexa will also be getting new computer learning updates.


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