Spidey is Back in the MCU

On Friday, two media giants reached a peace deal that pleased fans around the world. Representatives from Sony and Disney reached a deal that allowed Spiderman, played by Tom Holland, to appear in a few more Marvel Universe movies. This is important to many fans because the Marvel Avengers movies have been doing great in box offices around the world. These movies are creating history by telling these comic stories with popular actors with great budgets. According to Forbes, Disney will put up 25% of the budget for the third Spider-Man movie in exchange for 25% of the profits received from the movie. Kevin Feige will join the team as a producer (alongside Sony’s Amy Pascal) for the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from Home, a film which will be part of the MCU. The last Spiderman movie came out earlier this year entitled, Spiderman: Far From Home, has made $1.13 billion so far in 2019. This is a huge return on investment, given that the film was made on a $160 million budget. Considering that Spiderman has only really been actively involved in 2 Avengers movies, I think that it was a good idea for these companies to reach a deal. We have seen Spiderman/Marvel movies from Sony and they did a great job for the time; creating movies like X -Men (Hugh Jackmen, Halle Berry) and Spiderman 1-3 (Tobey Maguire). However, now that Disney has created a cinematic universe, revitalizing Marvel’s comic content into movies, the fans are ready to see the scope of all their favorite characters on the big screen. Hopefully, as more movies are made and as they continue to break records in the box office, the companies will realize that their partnership is not only what’s best for the fans, and the franchise but it is what’s best for their pockets.



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