New Scorsese Film to appear on Netflix

'Everybody Knows' premiere and opening ceremony, 71st Cannes Film Festival, France - 08 May 2018

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Once again Netflix makes an attempt with the other studio giants in Hollywood. Legendary director Martin Scorsese latest film is set to premiere on the streaming service. This after Scorsese was initially rejected by his usually distributor, Paramount Pictures, due to them being unwilling to pay the large budget the film demanded. Netflix was acquired the film for an astounding $159 million dollars, showing not only how wealthy the streaming service has made them, but just how serious they are when it comes to producing their own content. Though this may appear risky for a streaming service, this one appears to be well calculated. The film, titled The Irishman, is a crime drama, a genre Scorsese has shown his talent with time and time again, most notably with the hit film Goodfellas. In addition to this it is set to star film giant like Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. Earlier screening was very positive, and there are whispers of Oscar nominations. The article discuses that this wouldn’t be the first time Netflix has produced Oscar worthy content, as it received several awards for the foreign film Roma. Netflix’s ambitions are clear with this movie. By being so bold, the company is stating that it’s movie should be considered film as much as much as those that appear on the big screen. Given the content of the film I admire this choice, as it may not be long before movie theaters no longer exist, and all content is streamed right to the television. If this is the case, I’m glad Netflix is taking the time to consider quality content.

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One thought on “New Scorsese Film to appear on Netflix

  1. This is a very big deal for Netflix being that they have Scorsese onboard and they are willing to pay him such a large amount for the feature film. I think Netflix has done a great job in rebranding and saving itself from fading out. I’m excited to see the original content that this streaming service has in store.


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