Levi’s Denim Jacket Goes “Smart”

As we all know, technology is constantly around us and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Levi and Google’s Jacquard platform has decided to work together and create a “smart’” denim jacket. The two companies will be working together to recreate Levi’s classic trucker jacket and the Sherpa trucker jacket. Although this is the second time that the two are working together, the technology is different this time because its small and nearly impossible to tell that the jacket is a smart jacket. The jackets will include a tag that goes into the cuff of the jackets and allows the jacket to pair with the phone. The cuff will be used very similar to how we use touchpad so you can leave your device in the pocket of the jacket. When an individual does different hand gestures, it control the different features of the jacket. Some features include: directions, ETA, traffic reporting, answer phone call, control your music, and receive notifications. Google’s Jacquard platform also worked with YSL on a “smart” backpack recently.

I found this extremely interesting because this isn’t something that we have seen before but its something that if the jacket becomes a hit then we will see more “smart” clothing. I feel that this technology is one of those products that we don’t realize we need until we have it.


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