Facebook is Crumbling- and the endless controversies don’t help


Facebook has a mole and there is now witch hunt within the company to find out who. Over two hours of audio was leaked to The Verge from a all-hands meeting, exposing CEO Zuckerberg ranting about Sen. Warren’s plans to break up the company and how he wants to demolish TikTok. Zuckerberg is often painted in a poor light by media outlets, but this raw uncut audio really puts a bad taste in users mouths. Zuckerberg tries to come off as reserved and composed when in the eye of the public, but this is the first real look the public is getting of him behind close doors.

Clearly the leak shows there are not only issues externally with Facebook, but internally employees aren’t happy either. Transparency is apparently encouraged within the company, but leaks are intolerable. Facebook often reminds employees to never talk to reporters about any issues or scandals going on at the moment or from the past. Anyone who is found to be a leak is terminated, and they even have teams that are meant to just investigate scandals and seek out the ‘lose ends’.

This isn’t the first sign of low morale among employees at Facebook. Back in November the results to a survey were leaked showed that employee morale had dropped across numerous metrics.

Overall, Facebook I think is example No.1 of companies I would never want to work for. The morals and values of the company seem to be non existent or can’t be taken for face value. They don’t seem to have an issue with selling out and invading people’s privacy, which are thing I find troubling.



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