45% Might Cancel Netflix If Favorite TV Network Shows Depart

A recent study based on Netflix subscribers found that almost half of Netflix’s subscribers would consider canceling their subscription if networks pulled their content. Networks like NBC, Fox and AMC have content on Netflix that draws a pretty big audience, and some people may even use Netflix strictly for those programs.  Programs like “Friends”, and “The Office” are fan favorites on the app, and NBC could make a lot more money if they streamed “The Office” strictly  on their own services. Other media companies like Marvel have started to take down their content from Netflix for when they release their own streaming service.  We are in a time where every big media company and TV network is starting to come out with their own streaming service to house their content.  There is a big shift from cable to streaming, and the networks are trying to make the most out the opportunity with their top watched content right now on services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. 

            Netflix started to make some noise in the industry with their original content like Bird Box and Black Mirror.  Netflix has a lot of great in depth  documentaries on a lot of different topics. That is not the majority of their income, so it is going to be interesting to see how they will adapt if the networks follow through with pulling their content. Will they shift their focus, or will they just put more money and time into their original content. 45% is a very high number of subscribers and if those talks are semi serious I would be concerned if I was Netflix. I would be putting a lot of time into think about how we will adapt if those reports become reality.


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