Meet SoundCloud’s Rival Audius

SoundCloud has been one of the last free streaming services for music and a home for new and upcoming artists. Many artists have made their names public due to the exposure that they received on SoundCloud but that could change. Fan and musicians are sick of SoundClouds expensive hosting costs and their take downs. On the technical and interface side of things, the app and website are slow and lagging to many consumers so that is a concern as well. Audius is supposed to be the exact opposite of SoundCloud and it’s supposed to be a new home for artists and music lovers. It is said that the artists who put their content on Audius will be available to earn 90% of revenue earned. That alone will be a good incentive for some artist to consider putting some of their music on the platform. Another incentive will be that the platform can not take down music themselves.
I found the article interesting because I like competition. I like to hear about a company coming into the market that tries to knock out the top dog. I use SoundCloud occasionally, but because that it doesn’t have a lot of music that I want, in the right versions I tend not to use it as much. It will be interesting to see how many artists begin to make a switch from SoundCloud to Audius and also how many new artists will blow up from the new platform. Audius is incorporating cryptocurrency into the app as well which is new to me, but could be something that can be picked up in the near future if proven successful.


One thought on “Meet SoundCloud’s Rival Audius

  1. Super excited for the launch of Audius. An EDM event company I follow is partnering with a ton of artists to help launch the streaming service. They hit the nail on the head when they said, “For years, we haven’t had a reliable music platform for user generated content like remixes, edits, bootlegs, sampling, experimentation, etc. Audius aims to be the solution. Putting the power back in the hand of the creator.” Can’t wait to see what Audius does for artists and the music community.


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