NBC Universal’s “Peacock” Streaming Service



As streaming becomes increasingly popular many broadcasting companies are also joining the bandwagon of “online” television. NBC Universal is working on its new streaming service called “Peacock” which is said to include The Office, Parks and Recreation, and other hit 90s shows. The launch of this new service could put Hulu in a difficult position for the future. NBC originally partnered with Hulu paying the licensing fees to air This is US but now that NBC is launching its own streaming service Hulu may lose some shows to other popular streaming services or old and new seasons may be split between Hulu and Peacock, forcing consumers to ultimately choose one provider over the other. 

In order for Hulu to overcome these newly developed streaming services, they may need to move forward with more Hulu originals. Their content will have to become unique, with features other services don’t offer. Additionally, Hulu’s payment plan could be outweighed by Peacock’s “free” ad-supported option, which is a large competing factor for Hulu’s business model. Disney owners plan to use Hulu as a first-run distribution platform to test out the FX series. Hulu still has time to work against its competitors but it will most definitely need a partnership, or exclusive content in order to survive in our competitive streaming society.


Source: https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/18/20870783/nbcuniversal-peacock-streaming-wars-hulu-netflix-office-parks-and-recreation-snl-exlcusives


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