NBA and NFL Turn to Tech to Draw in Fans

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At a recent conference in Sun Valley, the heads of top sports league gathered and discussed the potential ways they could use innovative technologies to draw more fans and excite their current supporters.

The issue at hand is that streaming services are becoming so largely popular, and these sports networks such as NFL are not included with all these packages offered. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told CNBC that the forces they are competing with include every other activity a fan could be doing other than watching the game: being outside in nice weather, work, school, and so many other options. The solution is to make the fan experience more interactive and “more of a lean-in experience” as Silverman coined it. Some ways this is possible include a virtual reality experience which the NBA is experimenting with currently.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says tech will be crucial for getting the fans into the stadiums- maintaining ticket sales, fan experience, and even offering WiFi while in the stadium could bring this ordeal to a new level.

I found this article interesting because I’ve always been a sports fan, especially of the NFL. I grew up watching Sunday Night Football and I continue to do so as I cheer on the Ravens each week. However, I also found it interesting to see how the intersection between sports and tech. This article shows me that we are at a point in our society where the use of evolving technology can no longer be avoided. If you chose not to innovate your experience, you will be left behind.


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