Netflix Snags ‘Seinfeld’ Starting In 2021


With the recent expansion of streaming services available, competition for content is at an all time high. NBCU and Apple Streaming are just two of the many streaming services challenging Netflix, and threatening the content available to subscribers. One of the more recent headlines, as explored in a article, is the acquisition of the legendary series Seinfeld. Netflix is losing two of their most popular series, Friends and The Office to alternate services, so they secured Seinfeld for an approximate $500 million dollar 5 year deal starting in 2021. The sitcom was previously available on Hulu, and is expected to compensate for the losses, despite Netflix’s overall subscriber rate slowing.

A recent survey also reports 45% of Netflix users would reconsider their subscriptions if alternate sources pull their favorite content from the renowned watching application. In the same breath, 45% of people associate Netflix with the streaming brand, showing its dominance in the scene. In the future, it will be interesting to see how other brands develop, and reclaim their content, and the affects that has on the original streaming services.

This article struck my interest because streaming media content has become a regular part of my daily routine, and the scene is currently changing. The Office is among my favorite shows of all time, and it is upsetting to me it will no longer be available on Netflix. The expansion of streaming services is inconvenient as a consumer, because if I want to be able to access specific shows, I will have to consider paying for yet another subscription. Netflix Original movies are entertaining, but the series can not compare to the iconic staples that have been available on the platform. I, among other users, would consider cancelling the subscriptions if too many of the quality series are removed. If another platform presents itself to be superior, I would definitely consider paying for that instead. I am also curious as to what Apple’s content will consist of on their new streaming platform, and how successful it will be.

The scene for television and movie consumption has certainly changed in the last decade, and continues to adapt and provide the consumers with more options. It will be interesting to see the future potential for these companies.


One thought on “Netflix Snags ‘Seinfeld’ Starting In 2021

  1. I agree with what you said about Netflix producing entertaining original content, but it’s not enough to keep all their users satisfied. It’s impressive the amount of content they push out, but I feel as though most of it just falls under their “Netflix Originals” category and fails to gain any major attention. With their latest original program, Orange is the New Black, ending this past summer, they are slowly running out of the staple programs that kept them viable. And of course, the more major series they lose rights to, like The Office and Friends, will have the biggest effect of all.


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