McDonald’s Plans for Developing a “Faster” Drive-thru

If fast food wasn’t already fast enough for you, McDonald’s is now developing another technical feature to offer in their restaurants that should speed up orders both dine-in and dine-out. McDonald’s recent purchase of “Apprente Inc” (a voice recognition app for restaurants, developed in 2017) will be used in drive-thru’s in order to “boost sales” and service. The app has actually been tested out in Chicago area restaurants using artificial intelligence to take orders and allows for employees to make changes or take control at any time.

Alongside the growing technology, more job positions are being generated. McDonald’s currently is occupying Apprente’s headquarters in California to launch a tech lab where more inventions for restaurants can be designed. Fast food companies are often looking for new ways to beat out their competitors and McDonald’s might just be one step ahead. The process of globalizing Artificial Intelligence within the fast food industry is right around the corner. “McDonald’s already is testing the technology in two locations in the drive-thru lane, which makes up about 70% of the company’s business. It plans to roll Apprente’s technology out nationwide, Easterbrook said. He predicted it will have a “positive impact on more than half of our customers.”

Technology has launched us into an entirely different world and eventually, we may see artificial intelligence being used in more than just McDonald’s locations. Many stores have already transitioned into “self-checkouts” or other methods of “faster” checkout, such as grocery delivery and pickup. Companies are evolving faster than ever with these incredible technologies. 



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