No More Likes? The social networking sites that want to take away our likes.


In the past month many social media platforms have been considering taking likes off of content that we posts. That’s right, the picture that you took several times, to get that great angle will never show all the likes you received (and deserved)  . The more important question is how will this change social media?

The reason that these companies want to rid likes is due to the likes becoming a quantifying sign of self worth. In a discussion with some of the Instagram developers the decision came about because they believed that likes are ‘a kind of digital one-upmanship on social media and making users feel bad’.

Though many of us can understand why the site wants to eliminate the feature, many Instagram-based brands are wondering how this change will effect them and their user engagement. Though the likes will be taken away, this will not take away the algorithm. This means that the kind of posts you like will still be suggested to you, and the related content with the most like will be suggested to you first.

We have no idea as to when the change will take place, but hopefully it has positive effects.


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