Iphone 11, Cop or Drop?


It’s about that time that the new models of the iPhone are being released and for many, the question remains whether people should keep the phones they have now or upgrade. There are some people in the world, who feel the need to have everything new and up to date, no matter what model they currently have. I have an iPhone 7, and it has been a pretty reliable phone for the past 4 years, and I don’t have many complaints. I will be jumping from a 7 to an 11, but for people with iPhone X’s and XR’s will it be worth it to make the switch? There has been some talk online about pricing since the Keynote took place on Tuesday. The base model iPhone 11 is being released for $700 compared to the last years model retailing for $750. It took some consumers by surprise seeing the price drop in the pro models compared to the models last year. Apple has been increasing prices in iPhones over the past couple of years in order to counteract the shortage of iPhone sales. As I was watching the Keynote, I was struggling to try and find the dramatic difference in the models from this year and last year and there wasn’t much to offer. At least the price of the phone doesn’t jump with there being a solid technical reason to. Last year, when Apple released their top models at over $1000 it seemed as though they reached a ceiling, and the XR model that sold at $750 wound up being the top seller. As usual when the new models start to be released the iPhone 8, and the XR price will get discounted. I am curious to see how the new phones are going to sell, compared to last year. I am also curious to see that if these models dont sell as planned, what will Apple do next?


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