Female Journalists Facing More and More Online Harassment


Reading this article from CNN Business sadly did not surprise me too much. A new survey from the Committee to Protect Journalists confirmed that online harassment is in fact the biggest threat to mostly female and gender non-conforming reporters.

I think that this article highlights two very real facts about the society we live in today. 1. Women and minorities have always had to deal with harassment in the workplace, but 2. The harassment has never gone away, but instead evolved with the rest of the world around it- and it adapted to the technology around it. In a way, technology has made it much easier to receive hurtful messages. People can hide behind their screens and never encounter any sort of face-to-face confrontation, while spewing out hateful and inappropriate words. Online trolls are prominent in every social media platform and have made their way to chatrooms, and so much else.

This poses a threat to the field of journalism in general. If reporters feel that their work is causing these harmful words, perhaps they give in to what the people want and we see an agreeable reporter in which case- journalism is not doing what it was created to do.


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