Google vs. Apple: The Future of Video Game Streaming

With the subscription model becoming the new business model for all things media, it was only a matter of time before the gaming industry saw it too. Over the past year, Google and Apple have released their plans for two separate video game platforms named Google Stadia and Apple Arcade, but they are not the traditional video game services people are used to. Instead, both offer unique experiences with different ways to deliver games, leaving everyone to wonder which platform will succeed, and which one will bite the dust.

Google Stadia is an online video game streaming service specifically for streaming popular titles and existing games through the internet. Similar to streaming videos, Stadia will use the internet and the power of Google’s data center to process the games and stream them directly to a Google Chrome Web Browser extension. Starting at $10.00 a month, anyone with a high-speed internet can stream games to their computers, opening up the gaming world to anyone who wants to play, even those who do not have a powerful computer with strong hardware.

Apple Arcade took a slightly different approach. While Apple Arcade still uses the subscription model for consumers to access the video games, costumers are going to be able to download the games directly to their Apple devices from the gaming library. While most games will be exclusively for Apple, this service allows the option to download games and play them regardless of internet access. The starting price for the service is $4.99 a month and is launching September 30th.

Google and Apple are considered to be the biggest tech companies in the world, and the fact that they both are launching a gaming subscription platform is really exciting. While both are clearly competing for the same costumers, there’s no telling which one will win. One thing is for sure; the gaming community is about to change.



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