Welcome Back, Flip Phones

2019 is starting to look a lot like the new 2009.

Once upon a time, in a land before Apple, there was Nokia, the queen of feature phones. Who could ever forget how awesome it was to walk around with your sliding, twisting, flippy cell phone? “Nokia” in the early 2000’s is as defining of a word to a generation as “Instagram” is today (Okay, that’s a stretch. You get my point). But seriously, whipping a sleek flip phone out of your pocket a decade ago was a sure easy way to up your cool factor.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, she’s back. And she’s cooler than ever.

Nokia just announced their flip phone comeback, which will be a revamped version of their original Nokia 2720 Fold. The new Nokia 2720 is obviously entering a highly competitive market with the majority of Americans having either iPhone’s or Androids. With the rise of the internet and instant gratification expectations over the last decade, who could imagine having a flip phone today? This is why Nokia created their 2720 model equipped with 4G internet and application capabilities such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Maps.

Another fairly recent trend seems to be the growing angst and distrust consumers are having with Apple products. It is becoming obvious that iPhone’s are not meant to last for years – just until the next iPhone comes out. Our society has become so attached to these devices that we have no choice but to comply with Apples purposeful software malfunctions and fork up over $500 for a new phone every two or so years. According to Florian Seiche, the CEO of the company who makes Nokia phones, people are placing more importance on having their phones longer, and they should benefit from doing so.

Another huge benefit is obviously the price tag on these new innovative flip phones. If I can essentially carry out the essential tasks of my iPhone, not have to replace my broken glass screen every two months, and get to revel in early 2000’s nostalgia every day, ALL for $600 cheaper?! Sign me up, Nokia. I’ll see you at Blockbuster with my Tamagotchi.


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