Tool on Top

Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” debuted at No. 1 with the equivalent of 270,000 sales in the United States.

In today’s music environment, the charts are topped with the same music year after year. A mix of pop music from Taylor Swift or a new album from Rhianna, the formula stays the same for the most part but that changed with the release of Tool’s new album “Fear Inoculum”. The first album in 13 years from the rock and roll band has seen them over take the number one spot from Taylor Swift’s album “Lover”.  

Tool’s new album also marked a new venture for the band. After years of not using streaming services or any other kind of digital platform, moved to digital means.By releasing their entire discography online at the same time as their new album has created a media spectacle that the billboard can not look away from. “Fear Inoculum” came in after just one week with 270,000 sales in the US with 88,000 of them being super deluxe editions that include a small 4 inch HD display that shows never before seen footage of the band. A new exciting twist on the already incredibly popular deluxe edition sales. The album saw 160,000 downloads and 27.6 million streams of their songs. Although these numbers are not as big as pop or hip hop streaming numbers they are a huge increase in the rock and roll market. This increase in streams shows that rock and roll can still bring it, even in 2019.



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