Twitter expands political ad limitations: Latest update aimed at state-controlled news media

This article talks about a new policy Twitter is enforcing on their platform regarding advertising limitations. Specifically Twitter is no longer allowing state-controlled news sites to displaying advertisements on the platform. This is in response to the misuse of social media platforms by foreign powers (Russia) to influence the results of the 2016 election.

Twitter made the destinction that any state owned news media not dedicated to reporting the news as in purely entertainment, will not be subject to the new advertising policy. Public broadcasters are also covered in this category. State owned news media have 30 days to cease all advertising on Twitter before the new policy takes action. This new policy will have an interesting impact on digital marketers for state owned news media companies, as they will have to turn to create new ways to advertise to their audience on Twitter without using the platform. As for the potential impact of decreasing political advertising campaigns as a whole I feel their won’t be much of a difference in the long-run as long as other platforms don’t follow Twitter’s example.


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