Twitter C.E.O Account Hacked

-Eric Thayer, New York Times


Over the weekend there was a security breach at Twitter HQ. Jack Dorsey, who is the CEO of Twitter, had his Twitter account hacked by hate group Chuckling Squad. The hacker group took over his account and posted bomb threats, racially charged messages, and hashtags promoting themselves. The hacker group was able to get into his Twitter account through a text message service called Cloud Hopper. With Cloud Hopper, all you need is to set up a link between a Twitter account and phone number and you can text a message and Twitter will Tweet it. Messaging services like Cloud Hopper are nice in theory but these services bypass Twitter’s two-factor authentication which many users do not know. 

These attacks are not the first to happen to people in positions of power. Donald Trump had his Twitter deactivated by an inside member of Twitter. In a different attack, on the CEO’s of Facebook, Google, and Twitter, their Twitter accounts were all hijacked by a group call OurMine. Attacks like these not only affect the people who had their actual accounts stolen, but also, the millions of users who at any point could also be attacked and lose their Twitter account, or worse. 

Companies walk a fine line between sharing user data and protecting and there are ways that users can work this system for their benefit and to hurt someone else. Hacks and compromises like these are only going to keep going and reach greater and greater audiences. Our data is turning into one of the most valuable resources and protecting it should be a top priority for everyone


One thought on “Twitter C.E.O Account Hacked

  1. Good post that speaks to the challenges media companies have in data protection and security and privacy. Just think, if Twitter’s CEO can be hacked, and I would imagine he’s got some significant security safeguards in place, consider the many millions of others who aren’t as security savvy.


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