Netflix Premier’s New Travis Scott Documentary

One of Netflix’s latest original documentaries zeroes in on rapper and performer Travis Scott. It is a perspective look on his recent accomplishments, his roots, and his lifestyle. The release of Astroworld, which is the artists’ latest and Grammy nominated album, was the turning point in his career, and the documentary revolves around its’ creation and legacy. His high energy and talent is another highlight in the film, and it is shown through his enthusiasm while recording and performing. The most shocking part to me was the intensity of the shows they portrayed in the documentary, and the fact he was charged with inciting a riot at one of them. Interviews with fans showed their passion for the artist, as well as the extreme conditions of the concerts which sometimes induce injury from mosh pits. 

Parts of the documentary also delve into Scott’s personal life, including his upbringing in his hometown of Missouri City, Texas, and his role as a father in the present day. Travis, who’s real name is Jacques, and nickname from family members is “Jack”, has shown exceptional musical talent from the time he was a young child. The documentary shows his father’s role and influence in Scott’s early and present life, and is the reason he was involved in music at such a young age. He played the drums, and enjoyed rapping. Fastfowarding many years later, Scott is shown during his humble beginnings as an artist, pulling a crowd of only about 15 people. The support of his family has always played a role in his motivation, as his dad proudly watched him perform at the 2019 Super Bowl. Scott himself is portrayed as a very attentive father, as toddler daughter Stormi accompanies her father on tours, and is seen playing and interacting with her father. 

 The film shows his highs, like the birth of his first child, his legendary performances, and fame, and his lows, including not winning a Grammy, and his arrest. Scott believes his calling is to be an inspiration for the youth that listens to his music, and he has many talking points about never giving up, and focusing on the future. His involvement with other artists in his Cactus Jack label is integral, and he includes the Houston talent in the documentary. Astroworld and Scott’s influence has even inspired the mayor of Houston to restore an amusement park in the city in his honor, and he has even coined his own holiday in his hometown. The film has interesting visual components, including the production of graphics in the intro, and the opening interview being filmed on a rollercoaster ride. All in all, the documentary is an interesting and inspiring form of media that emphasizes the modern life, accomplishments, and music career of Travis Scott, one of today’s hottest performers in the media and music sectors.The article practically summarizes all of the highlights of the film. Both interested me because I enjoy his music, and am interested in having a career in the music industry.


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