What’s the Real Deal with Netflix?

As a Netflix consumer and customer, I believe that Netflix is at a dangerous spot. This article discusses the challenges and effects that could take into play on how Netflix will do in the upcoming years. What caught my attention about this article is the fact that Disney+ could become a big competitor with Netflix. When I first heard of the new Disney+ streaming service, I believed that it was an absurd idea. Why? I grew up with having to watch Disney Channel on cable TV, thinking about Disney having a streaming services kills the idea of Disney Channel continuing to exist on television. Now that I am aware of what it has to offer, I think Netflix is going to need to take a Netflix chill pill. Disney+ is incorporating media from National Geographic, Marvel, Pixar, and even Star Wars. These companies have a wide audience do to their movies, streaming all of the options is a gamechanger.

As stated in the CNN article, not only was 13 Reasons Why a topic of discussion but another show called Friends (2003) caused some bickering. Netflix decided to keep Friends on their platform for $100 million. Some people were happy that this was their strategy, others found it a waste of money. Personally, I could be included in the group of people who believed that it was a waste of time and money to keep Friends on for another year. There are plenty of other shows that consumers Tweet about having on Netflix, but its always up to Netflix to decide.

Ultimately, I can agree that Netflix has some deep competition with Disney+. With the number of fandoms and audiences that Disney+ targets towards, I can already feel the intense amount of fiery that Netflix will sense once they see how many people have #Disney+ trending!

“Netflix could face trouble ahead. Here’s why” by Brian Lowry, CNN.


“Netflix Reportedly Paid $100 Million to Keep Friends for Another Year After Fan Uproar” by Aurelie Corinthios, People Magazine.



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